2018-06-14 18:13:46

Let HERSQUEEN Lash Tell You Why Should You Choose Ellipse Flat Lashes?


When women seek out eyelash extensions, they want something that gives them a natural look yet adds some sexiness. After all, what’s the point to add lash extensions if they do nothing to enhance your appeal? Today HERSQUEEN will introduce a magic lash to you---- Ellipse Flat Lashes.


Benefits of Ellipse Flat Lashes

1. They’re lighter! In fact, they are 47% lighter than other lash extensions.

2. They’re softer!They’ll make his heart aflutter with their softness when they caress his cheek, just as soft as real eyelashes.

3. They bond better! Performing your skillful craft just got a whole lot easier with ellipse flat lashes. They bond better to the natural lash line, creating a completely seamless and realistic look for your clients.

4. No feeling of wearing after eyelash extension procedure, because of soft and light like feathers, downy hairs. Natural Looking, Soft, Light, Comfortable Wear, Easy Apply.

5. Using oval type processing technique to increase the surface area for glue adhesion,so it strengthens the retentivity after eyelash extension procedure.


Soft, light, easy to apply, long lasting......so many advantages of Cashmere Ellipse Flat Lashes, so what are you waiting for? Start your way of beautiful Lady with cashmere lashes right now!!!!



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